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R Nisha Shah
P Farida Minocheherhomji


In this review paper, an emphasis is made to focus on the history, source, structure, mode of action, and application of Nattokinase. The review reveals that Nattokinase can act as a potent thrombolytic agent as compared to other agents which are commercially available. Studies on NK as a thrombolytic agent have also be proved it as an useful for dissolving blood clots by converting plasminogen to plasmin, which further act on fibrin clots. Nattokinase is been isolated from Bacillus subtilis varnatto. Various studies been done on the application of NK has shown to overcome the undesirable effects caused by other tissue plasminogen activator, Streptokinase, Staphylokinaseetc and increased its area of application.


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Shah, R., & Minocheherhomji, P. (2022). NATTOKINASE: ARMOUR AGAINST THROMBOSIS. Journal of Advanced Scientific Research, 13(05), 34-37.
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